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today is a strange day

I woke up around 10ish after long strange dreams about travelling to Boston which wasn't actually Boston but a foreign country. I wasn't visiting either of my two friends that live there but other people that happened to know my friends.

I got out of bed and came downstairs for some Special K and some reading on the back deck. I stepped outside in my 6-year old soccer shorts with the seam that I restitched with bright white string and a tank top on. It was cold out. That was weird. Summer time in Virginia is usually so hot and muggy the heat seems to grab you and hold you in a smoothering embrace.

I digress. I haven't had any coffee but I'm awake. Also weird. My estranged best friend starts talking to me online. Weird.

Then I read a comment about New Zealand weather being similar to Scotland and I'm taken back a year were at this time I'd be preparing for my trip to the Highlands. I laughed at the course description "Spiritual Pilgrimage in the Highlands," but soon found days of hiking alone force you into some dark corners of your own mind...

Anyway. I'm in such a good mood. I'm going to build a tiger cage with my boyfriend.
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