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Quick Vent

I'm exhausted. My roommates were awake all night working on projects and as a result of our paper-thin walls, I was also awake all night. I don't have class until 4 P.M. today but I need to go make an appointment with my advisor and do some study abroad research. So I'm drinking some cofffee hoping to wake myself up. On the plus side, Jack Johnson "breakdown" just came on my iTunes shuffle.

One of my good friends here at school, Christina is trying to convince me not to study abroad next year. She's like, live with me don't do it. If you go and come back you'll have to live on campus. I don't appreciate that. Having to live on-campus is going to be weird, I haven't done that since I was a Freshman. It will be worth it.

My mom just called me bitching about her job. She always does that. It's frustrating, I don't want to hear it.

OH we found our snake. We had a corn snake missing in our apartment for about two and half weeks. I found her by the washing machine last night.

I must go write this paper then get going...
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